Test: Linux in the recording studio

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Ahh, Linux. The sweet sounding promise to end a musician’s daily hassles. Free! No more copy protection hassles! Developed by millions! Available in 20+ different flavors! Did I mention it’s free?

Linux panorama

Every review you read in the tech press raves about Linux, but those are written my seasoned Linux hacks to whom having to type Terminal commands like

ACTION==”add”, SUBSYSTEM==”usb*”, ATTRS{idVendor}==”0763″, ATTRS{idProduct}==”1010″, RUN+=”/sbin/fxload -s /usr/share/usb/maudio/MidiSportLoader.ihx -I /usr/share/usb/maudio/MidiSport1x1.ihx -D %N”

to install a MIDI interface is not even worth a mention in the review. So how does Linux really work, when a real world studio musician tries it? I took the plunge at tested ALL 20+ Linux music distributions on a mass-market Hewlett Packard a1519h computer, zapping several of its components during the adventure. What worked and what didn’t? The chronicle is here.

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