Aloha Rhapsody

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Aloha Rhapsody, composed in Hawaii, follows the concept of George Gershwin’s famous Rhapsody in Blue. It combines jazz and classical music with the latest electronic genres and modern Hawaiian hula. The suite’s six compositions convey a pleasant, intimate, story: an experience of aloha. Like scenes of a ballet, the compositions are meant to be played without a time gap for the best experience. Since half of the audio player programs can’t do this, the album also contains a seventh file which contains all six parts joined.

It is an auditory treat for the discerning listener; written for those special moments when one dims the lights, closes the door, gets comfortable and seeks a special musical experience with deeper emotions and meaning.

The high-energy Bach Classicstep is a study how well the latest EDM (electronic dance music) compositional innovations mix with traditional classical counterpoint and harmony (Bach conceto in C BWV 1061, movement 1, with a Shakespeare sonnet for lyrics). Quite pleasantly, it seems, so the future looks promising…

A tip of the hat to Rane, the original pianist to the stars and founder of Late Night With The Piano Kid, whose interest convinced me, it is finally time to unveil the Aloha Rhapsody. Thank you, Rane

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